Cherie Box - Womens Minister

It is such as blessing to be apart of this church family. I didn't know a church could feel like such a family and my partner and I are blessed to call this one our home. Please come and join us and be apart of God's church. Everyone is welcome. There is freedom in Jesus Christ.

Brad Murray - Lead Pastor

From my earliest memories, I was told that Jesus loves me and to the best of my knowledge that was probably the first song I ever learned to sing.  I was raised in a Christian home and was taken to church every time the doors were opened.  I always loved to sing at church and have good memories standing on a pew with one arm around my mother and the other arm around my grandmother. As I began to get a little older, I slowly faded away from church. I never felt like I fit in there and people seemed to be so judgmental.  I in fact had become so judgmental myself that I was the poster child for hypocrisy.  I would sing about God’s amazing grace, but I wasn’t very willing to give grace when those around me needed it. I began to live my life in a constant state of judgment, until one day my world seemed to come to screeching halt.  After feeling rejected from anyone and everyone I knew and loved, I decided to end it all, but God had another plan for my life. I remember sitting in my garage with the car running, thinking I was doing my family and friends a favor.  Soon I would be asleep and they could just forget about this person who was always a burden.  In the midst of anger, hopelessness, fear and pain, through tears somewhere from the deepest part of my soul came a song: Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so, little ones to Him belong,  they are week but He is strong. Yes Jesus love me, Yes Jesus loves me, Yes Jesus loves me.  The bible tells me so. It was in that moment I knew that God loved me SO much that he gave His life so I could LIVE!  Yes I wanted to live, but truly live.  I began to search for God in all the ways the world told me, but what happened was a miracle.  God began to love on me right where I was during worship services.  I learned to connect to Him in a way I never had before.  I actually had a relationship with the God of love and acceptance. In March of 2009, I heard about a church called Expressions and decided to check it out.  I attended my first service and of course I slipped in late and slipped out early at first, but within three months I was leading worship for the new 11am service. September 7, 2014 I became the lead pastor. Two of the things I know for sure: Jesus Love ME! And God is good, all the time!